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Laser activated nanoparticles for tumor elimination

Irradiated metallic nanoparticles absorb part of the incoming laser light and the absorbed energy will be released in the surroundings as heat. In LANTERN we utilize this effect to develop a novel nanoparticle based cancer therapy.

Such plasmonic nanoparticles are extremely efficient light-to-heat converters and if a metallic nanoparticle is resonant, or close to resonant with the incoming light, the temperature elevation can easily reach hundreds of degrees Celsius.

Within the project we both develop a laser activated assay for targeted drug delivery and a laser activated photo-thermal treatment of cancer, both of these strategies being based on nanoparticles and being usable in concerto. The effects of the therapy are evaluated by PET imaging. The project is a collaboration between physicists at the NBI and molecular imaging and cancer experts at Panum / Rigshospitalet.

Supported by a Synergy Grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.