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Research at the Optical Tweezers group

The optical tweezers group is researching in understanding physical properties of biological systems at the single molecule to whole cell level. We work at the cross roads of physics, optics, biophotonics, chemistry molecular biology.

Stem cell decision making

Stem cells are un-differentiated cells with the potential to differentiate into any specialized cell of an organism. One goal is to control the differentiation of stem cells and produce long-living functional cells.


Organization and function of the cell surface

This project deals with how curvature acts to recruit membrane associated proteins and how membrane proteins affect the physical properties of the cell surface like stiffness and curvature.


Laser activated nanoparticles for tumor elimination

Research in nanoparticle based cancer therapy. Within the project we both develop a laser activated assay for targeted drug delivery and a laser activated photo-thermal treatment of cancer.


Cancer cell division and invasion

In this project, we focus on the mechanics of cancer cell invasion, both in terms of how cancer cells differ from non-cancerous cells, and the mechanical interaction between cancer cells and their microenvironment.