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For Group Members

Group meetings Wednesdays at 9.15 am in kc7

These meetings are mandatory for everyone using the optical tweezers laboratories. In the fall we present our projects, in the spring papers. Anybody who finds the topic interesting is welcome. The person responsible for the presentation is also responsible for bringing bread.

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Fall 2018

Date Responsible Content
5.9.18 Akbar project presentation
12.9.18 Guillermo project presentation
19.9.18 Younes project presentation
26.9.18 Yue project presentation
3.10.18 Christoffer project presentation
24.10. Kasper project presentation
31.10.18 Helena Midterm presentation
7.11.18 Aimilia Midterm presentation
14.11.18 Irene Midterm presentation
21.11.18 Benedikte Midterm presentation
28.11.18 Maria Midterm presentation
5.12.18 Alexander Midterm presentation
12.12.18 OT XMAS
14.12.18 OT PARTY!!!

Spring 2018

Date Responsible Content
7.2.18 Ann-Katrine Xi et al., Nature Com, vol 8 p 1517, 2017
21.2.18 Lene Smalley et al., NATURE, vol 553 p. 486, 2018
28.2.18 Henrik Piao et al., ACS Nano, vol 10 p 10414, 2014
7.3.18 Mads Liu et al., Scientific Reports, vol 5 p 13547, 2015.
14.3.18 Akbar Melzer et al., ACS Nano, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b07914, 2018.
5.4.18 THURSDAY!

10.15 Prof Oliver Otto, Greifswald

13.15 Ann-Katrine

10.15 Invited Talk

13.15 PhD defense

11.4.18 Poul Martin Boye et al., Nature Com vol 8 p 1623, 2017.


Benedicte Hsieh et al., MBoC vol 28 p 3171, 2017


in Fb6

Liselotte Carattino et al., Nano Letters vol 18 p 874, 2018
2.5.18 Younes Schueder et al., Nature Com, vol 8 p 2090, 2017
23.5.18 Yue Kaluzova et al., Oncotarget vol 6 p 8788, 2015
30.5.18 Kasper Gu et al., Science vol 359 p 1050, 2018
6.6.18 Christoffer Sedgwick et al., Experimental Cell Research vol 365 p 194, 2018
27.6.18 Dimitris Han et al., PNAS vol 115 p 4075, 2018

Fall 2017

Date Responsible Content
6.9.17 Christoffer project presentation
13.9.17 Azra project presentation
20.9.17 Henrik project presentation
11.10.17 Akbar project presentation
25.10.17 Natascha project presentation
1.11.17 Younes project presentation
8.11.17 Yue project presentation
22.11.17 Kristoffer project presentation
29.11.17 Liselotte project presentation
6.12.17 Kasper project presentation
13.12.17 Pablo project presentation
13.12.17 OT XMAS OT XMAS at 3 PM in kc7

Spring 2017

Date Responsible Content
1.2.17 Akbar project presentation
8.2.17 Yue project presentation
22.2.17 Bram project presentation

Christine Selhuber-Unkel

Kiel University

INVITED TALK at 10.15 in kc7

Christine Ritter

PhD defense at 12.30 in Aud A
8.3.17 Henrik Albanese et al. 'Tumor-on-a-chip', Nat Com vol 4 p. 2718 (2013)
15.3.17 Liselotte Liu et al. 'iPSC for tumor targeted delivery of gold nanorods' ACS Nano vol 10 p. 2375 (2016)
22.3.17 Leevi project presentation


Christine R Rosowski et al. 'Edges of ESC colonies display distinct mechanical properties' Scientific Reports vol 5 p. 14218 (2015)
26.4.17 Christoffer Davenport et al. 'Membrane dynamics during cellular wound repair' MBoC vol 27 p 2272 (2016)
3.5.17 Kasper Cho et al. 'RNA Pol II cluster dynamics' eLife vol 5 p e13617 (2016)
10.5.17 Younes Gupta et al. 'Adaptive rheology and ordering of cell cytoskeleton govern sensing' Nat Com vol 6 p 7525 (2015)
24.5.17 Natascha Schuerle et al. 'Robotically controlled microprey' Science Robotics vol 2 p eaah6094 (2017)
31.5.17 Azra Demonbreun et al. 'An actin-dependent annexin complex mediates membrane repair' J Cell Bio vol 213 p 705 (2016)
7.6.17 TALK by Emil Kromann, DTU at 10.30 in kc7 Live-cell imaging at the nanoscale
14.6.17 Guillermo paper presentation
21.6.17 Ann-Katrine Saw et al. 'Topological defects in epithelia govern cell death and extrusion' Nature vol 544 p 212 (2017)

Fall 2016

Date Responsible Content
31.8.16 Nader Reihani Talk
7.9.16 Henrik Project presentation
14.9.16 Ann-Katrine Project presentation
28.9.16 Younes Project presentation
26.10.16 Mads Mid term presentation
2.11.16 Jes Midt term presentation



David Nelson Talk at 10.30
16.11.16 Azra Project presentation
23.11.16 Guillermo Project presentation
30.11.16 Natascha Project presentation
7.12.16 Kasper Project presentation
14.12.16 xmas

Spring 2016

Date Responsible Content / Literature
3.2.16 Ann-Katrine Tse et al., 'Mechanical compression drives cancer cells...' PNAS vol 109 p 911 (2012)
10.2.16 Natascha Alexander et al., 'Extracellular matrix rigidity promotes invadopodia activity' Curr Biol vol 18 p 1295 (2008)
17.2.16 Guillermo Blosser et al., 'Transbilayer colocalization of lipid domains...' Biophys J vol 109 p 2317 (2015)
9.3.16 Younes Otto et al., 'Real-time deformability cytometry', Nat Meth vol 12 p 199 (2015)
31.3.16 Henrik Manikandan et al., 'Platinum NPs for photothermal treatment' Bioimaterials vol. 34 p. 5833 (2013)
6.4.16 Joakim Chen et al., 'High-purity separation of gold nanoparticle dimers and trimers' JACS vol. 131 p. 4218 (2009)
20.4.16 Kasper Izeddin at al., 'Single-molecule tracking in live cells' eLIFE vol. 3 p. e02230 (2014)
27.4.16 Kamilla Zhang et al., 'Non-invasive dynamic imaging of tumor early response to NP photothermal therapy' Theranostics vol. 5 p. 1444 (2015)
4.5.16 Mads Quintin et al., 'Noncentrosomal microtubules in C. elegans' Genesis vol. 54 p. 229 (2016)
11.5.16 Christine

Sen et al., 'Intranuclear actin regulates osteogenesis' Stem Cells vol. 33 p. 3065 (2015)

18.5.16 Akbar Setoura et al., 'CW-laser-induced changes of a gold NP', PCCP vol. 16 p. 26938 (2014)
1.6.16 Liselotte Paper presentation
8.6.16 Benedicte Paper presentation
22.6.16 Poul Martin Paper presentation

Fall 2015

Date Responsible Literature
27.8.15 Kishan Dholakia Invited talk: Accelerating progress in light sheet microscopy Thursday at 10.00 AM in kc7
2.9.15 Nader Reihani Invited talk
16.9.15 Henrik project presentation
23.9.15 Azra project presentation
7.10.15 Poul Martin project presentation
21.10.15 Ann-Katrine+Lena project presentation
4.11.15 Liselotte project presentation
11.11.15 Kamilla project presentation
18.11.15 Akbar Samadi project presentation
25.11.15 Christine project presentation
2.12.15 Christoffer Midterm colloquium
9.12.15 'julehygge' Will take place at 3 PM in kc7.
16.12.15 Younes project presentation

Spring 2015

Date Responsible Literature
4.2.15 Guillermo Project presentation/midt-term colloquium
18.2.15 Inna Project presentation/midt-term colloquium
25.2.15 Henrik 'Thermometry in a living cell' by Kucsko et al., Nature vol 500 p. 54 (2013)
4.3.15 Liselotte 'Actin-mircotubule coordination' by Lopez et al., Nature Com vol 5 p. 4778 (2014)
11.3.15 Azra 'Controllable electrofusion of lipid vesicles' by Robinson et al., Lab on a chip vol 14 p. 2852 (2014)
18.3.15 Poul Martin 'Membrane tension mediates membrane shape transitions' by Shi et al., Nature Com DOI: 10.1038/ncomms6974 (2015).
25.3.15 Natascha 'Visualizing focal adhesions with traction maps' by Morimatsu et al., Nano Letters, DOI 10.1021/nl5047335 (2015)
8.4.15 Kamilla 'Au Nanomatryoshkas for cancer treatment' by Ayala-Orozco et al., ACS Nano vol 8 p. 6372 (2014).
15.4.15 Ann-Katrine 'Biophysical properties of breast cancer cells' by Corbin et al., Lab on a chip vol. 15 p 839 (2015).
6.5.15 in Aud D (at 9.15 AM) Erwin Peterman, Vrije U Invited talk: A single-molecule view on intracellular transport in living C. elegans
13.5.15 Guillermo 'Acoustic force spectroscopy' by Sitters et al., Nature Methods vol 12 p 47 (2015)
28.5.15 Dino 'Foldscope' by Cybulski et al., PlosOne vol 9 p e98781 (2014)
3.6.15 Inna 'No DNA damage response... terahertz radiation' by Bogomazova et al., Scientific Reports vol 5 p 7749 (2015).
10.6.15 Christoffer 'Targeted intracellular delivery of proteins' by Morales et al., Molecular Pharmaceutics vol. 12 p. 600 (2014)
17.6.15 Christine Ritter Paper presentation

Lab Reservations

We have three optical tweezers benches available based on excellent Leica microscopes. In addition, we have a JPK nanotracker and a confocal microscope. Google Calendar is being used to keep track of the time slots.

Setup Notes Login name
OT1 Dual trap nbitweezer1
OT2 Single trap in Leica SP5 nbitweezer2
OT3 Single trap, low power nbitweezer3
OT4 Leica SP5 (new) nbitweezer4
NanoTracker Dual trap nbinanotracker
Olympus No trap, confocal otgroupolympus
Password: Ask Lene.

On weekdays, please stick to time-slots either before or after 2 PM. You can have at most 3 reservations per week during normal work hours (Mon-Fri 8-18). On holidays and weekends, you are welcome to reserve the equipment at any time.

Internal Documents and wiki

The group has a wiki for storing various experimental protocols and manuals for the different optical setups. It can be found here.

Ask Lene for username and password.