Funding – University of Copenhagen

Funding of the Optical Tweezers Group

Current Research Grants:

  • StemPhys: Danish National Research Foundation Center for Stem Cell Decision Making

    60.000.000 Dkr granted by Danish National Research Foundation, 2015-2021.
    PI: Lene B. Oddershede, NBI. Click HERE to see the homepage of StemPhys.

  • A multidisciplinary platform for revealing mechanisms of annexin-mediated plasma membrane repair

    3.748.705 Dkr granted by The Novo Nordisk Foundation. 2019-2022.
    PI: Poul M. Bendix, NBI.

  • Coupling Celluar Shapes

    Sapere Aude Grant from Danish Research Councils, 2015-2019.
    PI: Poul M. Bendix, NBI.